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Port of Algoma Redevelopment Project:Overview

Summary of Benefits

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The Port of Algoma Redevelopment Project

  • The Port of Algoma Redevelopment Project is west of Essar Steel Algoma Inc. & the International Bridge in Sault Ste. Marie.
  • Modernization & redevelopment of the Port of Algoma into a nationally significant, commercial common user port has been a long-standing economic development priority for the City.
  • The Port of Algoma is the fifth largest Canadian port on the Great Lakes by shipping volume.
  • The existing port lands have ample space to expand and promote new industries to use the Port facilities, as well as maximize the operational efficiency of the Port’s current main tenant, Essar Steel Algoma Inc.
  • The project includes:
    • Brownfield redevelopment in 4 key areas which total approximately 178 hectares (440 acres) of existing port lands, and of existing docks which are comprised of 11 berths/slips;
    • Improvement to the internal road and rail infrastructure;
    • Both maintenance and capital dredging to restore water depth at the docks and to improve navigation between the northern edge of the shipping channel (on the Canadian side) and the port.
    • Conceptual layouts have been developed for each key area.
    • The Redevelopment Project is not a deep water port project and dredging in and around the Port will be to ensure the same navigation depth as what the Sault locks currently provide for Great Lakes carriers.
    • The Project will not require the construction of docks at new locations, but will require repair, replacement of existing docks or their extension parallel to the shoreline.

Respect for the environment and for Aboriginal and Treaty Rights, and the exchange of information with local First Nations are key elements of this project. Link to Port of Algoma presentation below:

Vision for the Redeveloped Port of Algoma

  • Redeveloping the Port of Algoma into a state-of-the-art, world-class facility will transform Sault Ste. Marie into an international gateway.
  • A commercially accessible port with modern infrastructure and available industrial land that could attract new businesses, create more jobs and lead to additional tax revenues for stronger services.
  • A dock area of significance with multimodal connectivity that could continue to serve Essar Steel Algoma Inc. – one of Canada’s largest steel mills, the Sault’s biggest employer and active for over 100 years.
  • Attract a variety of other commercial and industrial users to the Port such as Aggregates, Base Metals, and Forest Products.

Environmental Investigations

  • Natural environment field work has been conducted to determine existing conditions, including:
  • Spring fisheries assessment;
  • Fall fisheries assessment (which included photography by a diver in areas of proposed dredging);
  • Spring and summer breeding bird survey;
  • Spring wildlife observations;
  • Spring and summer wetland observations; and
  • Summer vegetation observations
  • This information is providing the basis for identifying potential impacts as a result of port redevelopment and for developing conceptual mitigation to address them.


Spokespeople for the Project Management Team are:

  • Anshu Dwivedi

Port of Algoma Inc.

  • Jerry Dolcetti

Commissioner, Engineering & Planning
City of Sault Ste. Marie

  • Dan Hollingsworth

Executive Director, Business Development
Sault Ste. Marie Economic Development Corporation

Conceptual Plan
Industrial Area

Total Area: 17 Hectares (40 Acres)

Operational Objectives

  • Provide for truck-in/truck-out commodity interface
  • Synergies with marine operations and Sault Ste. Marie industrial economic development
  • Allow flexibility with available lands
  • Potential universal gate location for Commercial Port activities

Total Area: 80 Hectares (202 Acres)

Operational Objectives

  • Platform for Essar Steel Algoma Inc. by-product exports
  • Attract third party businesses
  • Maximize berth flexibility for multiple commodities
  • Enhance dry-bulk loading rate (minimize time at berth)
  • Provide Commercial Port access point to/from Truck Route

Total Area: 40 Hectares (98 Acres)

Operational Objectives

  • Support Essar Steel Algoma Inc. inbound and outbound logistics requirements
  • Minimize stockpile footprints
  • Reduce risk for over-winter stockpile requirements
  • Minimize Coke handles
  • Manage weather exposure to imported commodities and exported products

Total Area: 41 Hectares (100 Acres)

Operational Objectives

  • Maximize berth flexibility for multiple commodities
  • Efficient backlands utilization with programmed flexibility:
  • Dock Area #1 overflow
  • Essar Steel Algoma Inc.-related overflow
  • Seasonal commodity peaking
  • Commodity handling equipment